So you got your oils! Now what?

My mission is first and foremost to be a guide and mentor!

If you would like to contact me directly, I encourage you to email your questions to me directly. I want to provide you with as many opportunities to learn application and general oil knowledge as you are willing to receive! I have some amazing recipes you can try out to if you are looking to begin using your oils right away. These recipes were all fine-tuned in my own kitchen and I add a caveat that slight variations may be needed to accomodate your individual climate conditions. Feel free to ask details about any recipe to find out if slight variations might be useful in your home climate.

You can visit my Oils Intro section to find out more about each individual oil, its uses and applications.

Check out my blog posts for some fun ideas on healthy living. For more hands-on learning, check out my events page and find a class happening in your area. Attending classes is one of the best ways to learn! Don't see one in your area? Contact me and lets get one scheduled! Hostess discounts and monthly specials are always changing so ask me about the benefits of hosting a class in your area or even online!

We are lucky enough in Arizona to house an Independant Product Consultant Training Center! There are Continuing Education classes every Tuesday night, a Getting Started Training on the 1 and 3rd Wendesdays of each month, and an Intro to Essentials class every Thursday night! Attend one or attend all! These classes are free! The center is located at 2345 South Alma School Road, Suite 203 in Mesa, Arizona. There is also a satellite store on the first floor of the training center where you can purchase supplies and training material.

Additional training online is readily available!

You can find step by step information on starting out, sharing oils and even on starting up your own business! This link will also give you details on navigating your back office and using all the many business building tools available to you for free!

Need some CLASSROOM HANDOUTS? Contact me and I will get you rolling!

Other Resources

Where can I buy materials?

To purchase your essential oils, contact me and I can assist you in finding the highest grade essential oils for the absolute best price as well as introduce you to discounts and specials you can capitalize on each month.

There are a couple of great sites for buying glass bottles, teaching tools, raw base ingredients, etc. and I'd like to share a couple of my favorites with you!... is a wonderful site for purchasing glass bottles, containers, spray tops, etc. is a wonderful site for purchasing some of the raw ingredients like the butters and waxes I use in some of my body creams as well as some fun containers for housing your make-and-takes. is also a great site for raw ingredients like the butters and base oils such as jojoba, grapeseed and others.