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My mission is to help bring the message of natural body systems support to the world and the best way to do that is through education! I hope you will use our materials as a springboard to find your own voice as you make this journey! I welcome any additions or suggestions you might have so please use my contact form to communicate your thoughts. We are in this together!


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Home Makeover

Home Makeover

Find resources for teaching a home makeover class...cooking with oils, cleaning with oils, household emotional support, and more!

Rollerball Remedies

Rollerball solutions

Find resources for teaching a rollerball applications class. Where to find supplies, read suggested scripts and purchase labels for your homemade solutions!

Bath and Body Class

Bath and Body Class

Get tips on recipes in 15 minutes or less, script suggestions and learn where to purchase materials to host this class.

Oils for the Classroom

Oils for the Classroom

Learn which blends and oils are most useful in the classroom, ideas for implementation and suggestions for giveaways!