Take caution...

Oil and Water DO NOT MIX! If you should notice any skin irritations or discomfort, apply Fractionated Coconut oil or a similar vegetable-based oil. NEVER use water to dillute essential oils! It will only drive the oils deeper as they repel from the water.

Recipes found in these pages are suggestions based on the personal application and experiences of our specialists and are based on recommendations from reliable aromatherapists.

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Pure, therapeutic-grade essential oils are generally safe and surprising gentle to apply directly to the skin in recommended amounts. There are, however, a few oils such as oregano or cassia, which are very concentrated and might cause some discomfort or "heat" when too much is applied, when applied "neat" (without a carrier oil), or if it accidentally comes in contact with the eyes or other sensitive areas. If this should occur, use a vegetable-based oil and apply over top to disperse the essential oil within the carrier and relieve discomfort.

Dilution Guide